Living Waters Magazine Nr. 49
January - February 2008

The Hope of fruitfulness

We thank God for this new year that is beginning, for a new chapter in the history of this magazine. Eight years have passed, eight years that have meant many experiences - some quite difficult - many blessings and contacts throughout the world. It has been a gratifying and painful way at the same time, like the Christian walk. Nevertheless, the mercy of God has sustained us. New contributors have been added and rivers of blessing have washed thousands of lives in many different places.

We are sure that the Holy Spirit has raised this testimony and that He Himself has given the spiritual sustenance that has kept us standing. For this, we bless and worship our God.

We begin this new year with hope in the God who is able to multiply the fruits of our sowing and increase the fruits of our righteousness (2 Corinthians 9:10).

We greet all the brothers and sisters who welcome us in each edition. The bonds of Christ's love are reinforced in us with each passing day, in the conviction of being part of the same spiritual reality, of having the same vocation and destiny.

We request the prayers of all our readers, so that the Lord will keep this testimony and grant us the grace to sustain it.



Returning to Christ
The Lord's letter to the church in Ephesus reveals the beginning of declension.
Rubén Chacón

Spiritual warfare
Some principles of spiritual warfare, based on the book of Judges.
Billy Pinheiro

Constituted priests
A call to the ministry of intercession.
Gonzalo Sepúlveda

Grace and truth (2)
The demolition and rebuilding work of the Holy Spirit in the children of God.
Eliseo Apablaza


The way of spiritual growth
Three keys to spiritual growth.
T. Austin-Sparks


Bad Decisions
Consequences of the disobedience of a father.
Marcelo Díaz


Tasters from the King's table
Our reader's letters

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