Tasters from the King's Table

He didn’t open His mouth

There are various falsehoods that the accusers of the Lord wielded against Him before Pilate. One was that He perverted the nation, another was that He forbade tribute to Caesar; a third was that He attributed to Himself the title of king. A fourth was that He was stirring up the people, and a fifth that He was disturbing them.

All these things make up the handful that the world offered the Lord. If He were among us today, they would certainly offer them again. How do we know? Because the world does just such with His true followers. "If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you" (John 15:20).

However, he didn't defend himself in regard to any of them, despite having overwhelming arguments. "He was silent, and did not open his mouth" (Isaiah 53: 7). The lies spoken against Him crossed over from one side to the other; false accusations flew like arrows to pierce his heart. But He did not open His mouth.

Throughout history, the same thing has also happened to Christians many times. However, they have not always imitated Him. They have not always kept their mouth shut. Instead, they have opened it to let out a river of insults, a barrage of threats. They were Christians who had very little to do with Christ.

They knew his name, but not the beauty of his person. They spoke of His teaching, but without having the spirit of it. Some of them were very prominent, and occupy a prominent place in history. But they did not shut their mouth. They did not follow their Master in His death.

To follow Christ means to follow him in His life and in His death. It means to walk as He walked and let oneself be judged unjustly without opening one's mouth. Following Christ is much more than merely saying, "I follow Christ." All followers of Christ pass, sooner or later, through the test of faith that is the participation in His sufferings.

Have you been willing in the past to suffer without opening your mouth? Are you willing to suffer in such a way in the future?

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