Nº 40 · July - August 2006

The number forty

---With this number we complete 40 editions of the magazine "Living waters." As we know, this number is very significant in the Scriptures. It is the number of "testing, examination and trial" – as Hartill has said. For us, throughout the time we have been publishing, we believe by God's commissioning, this magazine, it has also been that- testing, examination and trial.
---Literally, we have been tested, we have been undergoing a great examination and we are being tried-learning, to render, perhaps in the future, if the grace of the Lord helps us, some true service to the Lord. They have been difficult years because of the dullness of our heart that has not always been tuned in to the original purpose of the Lord; they have also been times in which the same shared word has come back against those that share it –as a double-edged sword–, in search of a real echo in their experience of life, causing agony and joy at the same time.
---What began as a publication of a limited nature for a few brothers in Chile, was enlarged almost overnight, reaching unimagined limits. The Lord has greatly honored us in getting to know many children of God at a distance throughout almost the whole planet. We have found a lot of help in the Body of Christ; many brothers and sisters dispersed throughout Chile and all over the world, with their prayers, their words and donations, have encouraged us to continue, when there was no longer strength left. Many valuable co-workers have taken up this task. Thanks be to God for each one of them.
---So now, as we hand over this new edition to the people of God, we beseech the Lord that He use it to strengthen the faith of His people, to bring comfort and light, and we also request that He allows us to serve you better in the future, with greater purity and excellence, with more self-denial and holiness – even though our inadequate lives be consumed in the task.
---In this edition, we put to our readers four of the ten messages that were imparted in our Second International Conference, in September of 2005, under the theme "The Restoration of the Testimony of God."
---For the glory of our God and Father, and of His Son Jesus Christ.


The foundation
of the work of God

Without the foundation of God there can be no building-work of God.
Eliseo Apablaza.
The restoration
of Christ's testimony

The church should be rid of all that is earthly to express all that Christ is.
Rodrigo Abarca.
The city of God
Without the foundation of God there can be no building-work of The church has a glorious final destination, but a great challenge in the present.
Ruben Chacon.
The tears of the restoration
The history of the restoration is watered with the tears of the restorers.
Gonzalo Sepulveda.

Receiving the burden
of the Lord

Before trying to do the work of God we should receive the burden of God.
T. Austin-Sparks.

What is His name?
The Word. Harry Foster.

Tasters from the King's table

Our reader's letters

EDITION TEAM: Eliseo Apablaza, Roberto Sáez, Gonzalo Sepúlveda.
GUEST CONTRIBUTORS: Rodrigo Abarca, Rubén Chacón
TRANSLATION Spanish-English: Andrew Webb, Christopher Nicholson.
WEB DESIGN: Mario & Andres Contreras

Our goal is to serve God and all mankind
Our only message is JESUS CHRIST the indescribable gift of God