Nº 37 · January - February 2006

A pending task

---For a long time there's been a topic that we have wanted to develop, but that required clear confirmation from the Lord to do it. It was a topic of crucial importance, of the greatest necessity among the people of God, and why not also mention, is controversial among some Christian circles.
---The topic is man's tripartite constitution, spirit, soul and body, confirmed in the Holy Scriptures - although not sufficiently, according to some. Several respected theologians in the evangelical world argue for the position of duality, according to which, man is only body and soul (or spirit).
---On the other hand, we received confirmation when almost simultaneously the Spanish and Portuguese version of the book "The Latent Power of the Soul" by Watchman Nee arrived into our hands. Published quite belatedly in our languages, this book covers a series of messages that Nee shared early in his ministry, soon after that of "The Spiritual Man's" publication, in which he deals with this delicate matter in depth and with success. Nee recognizes that there is a strong connection between these two books.
---We therefore believe the hour has come in which we should develop this issue with the greatest care and attention. It is of such importance that several of the greatest teachers of the Word of God in the last two hundred years have taken on the task of examining it. Their writings have filled us with urgency because we, as heirs of their legacy, receive it and take on the responsibility. Their personal experience, they have said, has been a confirmation of the truthfulness and importance of such teachings.
---What can we say? We here, distant in time and space, but not far from the Lord, can say amen to all that they have said, and to add that our small experience has also confirmed this to be true.
---May the Lord inspire us to write and to understand, and to obtain the maximum profit of this material that we hope to publish in at least two editions. May it be so.


Spirit, soul and body
In contrast to what the humanist sciences and common opinion claim, the Bible affirms that man is not a dual being of soul and body, but tripartite, with a spirit, soul and body.
Man's being
An analysis of the composition and function of the parts of man. Gino Iafrancesco.
The spirit
The work of God begins in man's spirit. Rubén Chacón.
Victory through defeat
All loss in the sphere of the soul brings spiritual gain. Rodrigo Abarca
Speaking with my soul
Psalms in the Bible, in a very special way, throw light on the relationship of the soul with itself and with God. Roberto Sáez

Man's High Prospect and Destiny
That which makes man unique in the whole realm of creation is not that he is or has a soul, but that he has a spirit and a soul; and it may be that the union in one person of soul and spirit makes him unique beyond this creation in the whole universe. T. Austin-Sparks.

What is His name?
High Priest. Harry Foster.

"Mommy, I Saw Jesus"
Amy Buettner.

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