Nº 22 · July - August 2003

Getting up to serve

One of the most urgent necessities amid the church is that all the children of God get up to serve. Too much time hearing sermons has left the children of God with a great deal of knowledge that has not always been accompanied with the works that He demands.

When the Lord got up from the supper and took the towel to wash his disciples' feet, he was giving a practical lesson about the attitude of a true servant. The action of 'getting up' implies leaving the position of rest in which on eats, to serve others. In one sense, we are always seated (in the heavenly realms in Christ), but as for Christian service, the position is one of descending to the feet of the saints.

Being aware of this lack amid the people of God, we have dedicated this edition of Living Waters toward this important matter. We hope that the word published here opens the eyes of many, and clarifies the doubts of the heart so that God's desire is completed; that each child is a worker in His vineyard.

Also in this edition, we share with you the second of the prophetic messages that brother Christian Chen shared in Ranchillo (Chile), and we put to your disposition a word and testimony of God's dear servant Andrew Murray, used so greatly by God in the XIX century. We hope these and other readings that we have incorporated in this edition be of blessing for the people of God, whom we want to serve, as an expression of love toward He who loved us so much.

The Editors


The final phase of God’s work (Part 2)
The Lord’s prophecies concerning Israel have a direct relationship with the future of the Church. Christian Chen.

The work of God
One of the biggest faults in the church has been in not knowing what the work of God is. Before looking for new methods to carry out, it is necessary to be clear about the nature and the content of that work. Roberto Sáez.
Service is something spiritual
Although in some Christian contexts the ministry of all the saints is being recovered, the danger of introducing secular models of administration and service still exists. Rodrigo Abarca.
All can serve
The apostle Paul enunciates two great spheres of service for all the saints, of whom none are exempt, not even the smallest. Rubén Chacón.
The most excellent Servant
Mark was the instrument that God chose to write the briefest and simplest gospel in which Jesus is depicted as the Servant of God. Why did God choose this man for this important depiction? Which of Jesus' features stand out in this gospel? Eliseo Apablaza.
Whoever serves me...
True service to God comes from one whose own life has been put away, so that only Christ is seen. Gonzalo Sepúlveda.
God's burden in His servants
God's true burden is expressed in a genuine service to the saints. César Albino.

Christian service from God's standpoint
The true Christian ministry is he who contributes to the fullness of Christ, and this can only be achieved by a servant who follows and ministers Christ Himself. T. Austin-Sparks.
The parable of the bamboo
The author has taken this fact as a basis for a parable. B. E. Newcombe.
Daily fellowship with God
What did God produce in Abraham that, finding him later, could say of him “Abraham, my friend”? Andrew Murray.

The mother in the service of God
The legitimate affections of a mother for her children can enter into conflict with the will of God. Marcelo Diaz.

An inspired pen
Andrew Murray, the remarkable South African preacher and writer, author of more than 250 books, is one of the great teachers given by God to the Church. His vast work is a continuous source of inspiration for Christians of diverse generations.

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