Nº 21 · May - June 2003

For blessing and delight

As you will already have realized, dear reader, you have in your hands the remodeled magazine “Living Waters.” It is remodeled in format and also in content; smaller in appearance, but larger in capacity.

Indeed, the changes that we have introduced will allow us to bring you increasingly varied material, for your edification, exhortation and consolation.

We give thanks to the Lord for allowing us to grow. From today onwards, we will permanently be able to share with you a prophetic word (“Looking toward the future”), and possibly to add other smaller sections.

Our desire is that “Living Waters” constitutes a profitable reading for the whole Christian family. May you find delights and blessings in it, those who are spiritual and those who are not so spiritual; the wise and the not so wise; the elderly and the children; the men and the women; in this country and in any other country where the Lord takes it.

As always, we commend this work – and even ourselves, those who participate in it– to God’s grace, so that He can use it for the glory of His beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Editors


A time of war
A biblical analysis of the warlike crisis that rages in the Middle East. Lance Lambert.

The final phase of God’s work
The Lord’s prophecies concerning Israel have a direct relationship with the future of the Church. Christian Chen.

The land that I give them
God had many expectations regarding Israel in Canaan in the times of Joshua. Eliseo Apablaza.
Canaan and rest for the soul
In Christ the soul finds rest when it is saved from itself and won for God. Rodrigo Abarca.
Like those who dream
God’s dream, Christ’s dream, and the children of God’s dream. Claudio Ramírez.
According to God’s heart
The will of God is to conform us to its Son’s heart. Roberto Sáez.
The duty of a prophet
The figure of Jonah is a parable, for it contains many beautiful lessons for today’s Christians. David Vidal.

The different ways in which sanctification is considered in the Scriptures: as a process, as an attitude of consecration and as a gift. Evan H. Hopkins.
Privilege & experience
An examination of the deeper Christian life, based on the figure of the older brother of the prodigal son. Andrew Murray.
Friendship with God
What did God produce in Abraham that, finding him later, could say of him “Abraham, my friend”? T.Austin-Sparks.

Loving with wisdom
Loving your wife in the proper way that corresponds. Marcelo Diaz.

He was an incarnated sermon
The history of Evan Henry Hopkins, the mentor and guide of the famous Keswick Conference.

Tasters from the King's table
· Letters from our Readers

EDITION TEAM: Eliseo Apablaza F. | Roberto Sáez F. | Gonzalo Sepúlveda H. | Claudio Ramírez L.
GUEST CONTRIBUTORS: Rodrigo Abarca B. | Christian Chen | Lance Lambert | David Vidal
TRANSLATION Spanish-English: Andrew Webb | James & Robert Huskey
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