Nº 19 · January - February 2003

Carrying the Torch

Beginning our fourth year, we have wanted to reconsider the objectives and the way in which to continue with our magazine. Each time we are increasingly aware of the privileged place that we occupy in the history of the faith, and increasingly aware that we have little time left.

In these three years we have gone on giving our own testimony of faith, and we give thanks to God to allow us to do this. But from the past we receive clear and inspired voices that want to be made heard: they are the voices of our brothers and sisters that had a very clear vision of God’s glory and of His will in their time. Their voices are not being heard today, due to the trade that surrounds us. Their message is not very attractive for those who look for an easy road and an immediate solution. Some of them have never been published in Spanish. They would never appear in the lists of best selling books in the bookstores. Their wealth is almost hidden, destined only for those who search for spiritual treasures.

We wanted to unite our weak voices with those individuals, because they were before us, and because we have drunk from them. We wanted to take the torch that they have left when passing away and to continue sustaining the testimony that they sustained. We won't be the only ones; we will simply occupy the place that the Lord reserved for us in this work.

If their message –and ours– wake up something that was sleeping within you, or if it opens a new horizon, write to us and we will give you more, more than what these few pages can contain.

May the Lord help you and us, to carry the torch further, to where the Lord wants.


The Glory of God's Inheritance

Christian Chen
It is not only us that has an inheritance in Christ, but rather, God has an inheritance in the saints. Christ is not only the heir of all things, but also, above all, his fullness is in the church. Just as Canaan was Israel's inheritance, and Hebron was the best of Canaan, so it is with the church which is the greatest of all the things that Christ will inherit.

The Male Child:
The witnesses that bring victory
Rodrigo Abarca B.
The work of the overcomers at the end of times. Their meaning, their weapons and their victory in the consummation of this age.

Let us also…
Roberto Sáez F.
The faith, the testimony and the price paid by those who preceded us in the race of the faith are our incentive; to look to Christ is what sustains us, and the joy placed in-front of us is to enjoy Christ's Kingdom on the earth.

Perhaps the Last Generation
Eliseo Apablaza F.
We could, perhaps, be the last generation of this era. What is our responsibility as the most privileged generation, by the quantity of accumulated historical revelation, and by the proximity of the return of the Lord?

The Tide of the Spirit
Watchman Nee
Studying the history of the church we can observe God's fingerprints. His movement has been incessant, His purpose progressing, constantly choosing people through whom He can advance in that purpose.

The Work of God at the End-Time
T. Austin-Sparks
Simeon with the baby Jesus in his arms: an allegory of two dispensations that unite, one that ends and one that begins. One is but a shadow, the other is reality. Here we have a metaphor of the end of this age.

Reflections on Vision
Oswald Chambers
"Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint." Proverbs 29:18 (R.V.)... says the wise king Solomon. A collection of thoughts regarding this theme, written by this well-known Scottish minister.

Tasters from the King's table
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